Living the Vision

During the months of Sept and Oct, we look at the message of Jeremiah. Our nation lives in a state of anxiety regarding investigations and misconduct, mid-term elections, potential conflict with Russia and China. It may be good to hear the words of this prophet who reminds us to turn away from worship patterns thatContinue reading “Living the Vision”


At 10:00 this coming Sunday, July 3, we are gathering at White Yarrow Farm located at: 53240 Bair Lane,  Marcellus, MI. We hope that you can join us for lunch afterwards. We have been looking at the theme of water through the summer season. This is an opportunity to witness what a family is doingContinue reading “ANNOUNCEMENT: OFF-SITE MEETING”

What about our community?

Easter is the celebration of a community that found a new beginning. As Mary heads toward the tomb, she fully expected to encounter the body of Jesus, prone, covered by a cloth, shrouded in death. What she found that morning, was so shocking that she fled back to the companionship of the disciples. After herContinue reading “What about our community?”

Gawkers, Gapers, and Rubberneckers: Wisdom for the Trail

Last Sunday, Willard gave us some considerations to take into account when hiking a trail. He talked about his motivation to hike the North Country Trail: one was to get to know Michigan at eye level, so to speak; the other to savor the earth “at the scale of the human footstep.” He talked aboutContinue reading “Gawkers, Gapers, and Rubberneckers: Wisdom for the Trail”

The Beloved Community

Once in a Hundred Years They only come around once in a hundred years They are cosmic, seismic, pandemic, epic in scale Floods, earthquakes, diseases— championships. Championships! Only one team will end up winning the last game of the year. The rest of the fans are left waiting with a tear in their beer. LovableContinue reading “The Beloved Community”

The Expansive Kin_dom of God

Scripture Texts: 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16; Psalm 89:1-4, 19-26; Romans 16:25-27; Luke 1: 26-38 About two thousand years ago, the story goes that three wisemen from the east, possibly kings, followed an unusual star that appeared in the western sky. They followed the star to Bethlehem where they found a young child who had beenContinue reading “The Expansive Kin_dom of God”

“A Cry of ‘Freedom'”

Over the past eight months, we have been made aware just how social we are as human creatures. Because of the virus, many of the relationships we had taken for granted have been disrupted in some way. Simple tasks like shopping for groceries, going to work, fueling our vehicles, or getting together to enjoy aContinue reading ““A Cry of ‘Freedom’””

“Let every girl live!”

In this week’s passage, we leave the story of the patriarchs of the Jewish nation behind and fast forward nearly four hundred years. Joseph had been sold into slavery by his own brothers. In a story of “climbing to the top,” Joseph is freed from prison and becomes the pharaoh’s chief advisor and administrator ofContinue reading ““Let every girl live!””