Lent 5: The Lord’s Prayer: An Ecological Prayer

A number of years ago I was invited to attend a feast and dance circle hosted by the American Indian Studies Program at Michigan State University. An elder was asked to say a blessing. In a conversational tone, he began, “Before we begin feasting, we want to ask a blessing.  We are thankful for the health thatContinue reading “Lent 5: The Lord’s Prayer: An Ecological Prayer”

Lent 4: A New Look at the 23rd Psalm

The following was written by Naomi Wenger for the fourth Sunday of Lent 2020, March 22. Introduction My task in providing the meditation for this week was to connect activism and prayer in regards to the Climate Catastrophe. Now, it seems we are facing a more imminent threat to our “way of life” in theContinue reading “Lent 4: A New Look at the 23rd Psalm”